GPT integration in Messaging

Learn how to automate your outreach with our GPT feature!

Meet our new powerful GPT feature!

You now have a great possibility to generate automated campaigns using GPT! This will save you time on preparing templates and writing emails and also help you create a more effective communication approach with your candidates.

You may generate GPT messages right in the full candidates' profile in AmazingHiring, just click "Personalized messages with GPT" in the right angle:

After this, a new window will automatically pop up for you. There you may click on "Generate messages" and create new vacancy or select from existing:

In the Vacancy section, you will need to choose the language for your messages:

And then fill in the Responsibilities and Requirements fields, add any Additional information if needed and click Generate:

In the next step, you will see the campaign with three messages including all the information you filled in the Vacancy. Before that you will only need to wait for a few moments while each message is generating:

When all the messages are ready, you may check the texts and change anything if needed:

You may also change scheduling settings for follow up messages, also change the text style and try sending the test message:

To send the campaign, click "Scheduling", choose the date for sending in the Schedule or select Now and then Send:

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