How to connect SmartRecruiters to the AmazingHiring account?

Two-way integration of AmazingHiring and SmartRecruiters allows us to export the profiles to SmartRecruiters both to specific job positions and on their own.

AmazingHiring and SmartRecruiters apps authorization

AmazingHiring and SmartRecruiters apps authorization is held with oAuth 2.0. You can read more about the authorization here.

Integration aspects 

Connection to SmartRecruiters

  1. Go to AmazingHiring search page and press "More" in the left sidebar menu, then "Applications"

  2. Click "Connect" on SmartRecruiters’ app icon

  3. A pop-up window is displayed to authorize AmazingHiring to SmartRecruiters 

  4. Sign in if not authorized in SmartRecruiters

  5. A request for access privileges for AmazingHiring app emerges

  6. Give permission to AmazingHiring app

  7. The pop-up window will disappear

1. Export a single profile 

1.1. Profile with email

  1. Go to a candidate’s page in AmazingHiring

  2. Here is a SmartRecruiters’ block in the right column, where you can see a list of positions which a candidate was selected to (if selected)

  3. Choose the position for a candidate from the job list

  4. Press the "Add candidate for a job"

  5. The system will export the profile to SmartRecruiters and refresh the list of jobs which were chosen for that candidate

1.2. Profile without email

  1. In the SmartRecruiters’ block in the right column, you will see the message that it is impossible to export a profile without an email and you would need to add it to the profile 

  2. Add email

  3. Press the button to refresh SmartRecruiters’ block

  4. Follow the steps 1.1.2. to export profile with email

2. Export candidates from the folder

  1. Go to the folder

  2. Select necessary number of candidates you want to export (you can tick the box "__ profiles" to export all candidates from the folder or tick individual candidates from the list) 

  3. Press the button "Export" 

  4. You will see a page with export settings where you will need to choose "SMARTRECRUITERS" on the right side of "CSV"

  5. You will see the information about your contact openings limits left

  6. If there are any profiles without an email in the folder, you will see the list of these profiles and the notification saying that they will not be exported

  7. Choose a job position 

  8. Press “Export to SmartRecruiters”

  9. The system will export all profiles available for the export to SmartRecruiters

  10. The dialogue box will disappear

Data exported to SmartRecruiters

  • Information about education

  • Skills exported as tags

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • Skype ID

  • Profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

  • Link to AmazingHiring profile (exported as a home page)

  • Source (AmazingHiring / DirectSourcing)


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