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Search Form: New Edition
Search Form: New Edition
Learn how to conduct searches from the new search form
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We are happy to introduce you to our new search form on the platform! It is a lot more convenient and consistent now and will sure save your time on creating perfect and relevant searches.

From now on all the main search conditions and filters are combined - so you can start the search, adjust requirements and filters and keep working with your pool very seamlessly.

To conduct the search fill in the fields with your conditions. The logic of the search remained the same: boolean search includes autocomplete, synonymizer and AI functionality.


You may begin with Skills - fill in the stack including languages, various methodologies, libraries, frameworks, databases, etc. or add Main skills - the tech language with which candidates are working at the moment. Please note that Main skills always heavily narrow down the pool, but also make it more relevant.

You may also choose the Specialization for the first iteration to find candidates who are working with the relevant stack and have the relevant current title.

Further fill in the Current title for getting the pool of candidates who occupy the mentioned title at the moment. You can also add the Past title to search by the previous candidate's experience or to use it with the current title to find someone with a specific background.

Don't forget to exclude profiles that you or your team have already selected and added to the folders. You have the possibility to search in or exclude profiles that were viewed by you or your team (the full profiles openings), or the ones that were already shown to you or your team in the output.

Add the location in the City or country. The range is available for searching by the radius of a city or a town as well as the possibility to add or exclude the location in the "Advanced" section.

Exclude conditions by clicking on the stop sign in the search field and exclude the location clicking on the minus.

To make sure you find candidates with only one mentioned location across all resources, feel free to choose "Profiles without multiple locations".

Experience details

Further you can use all other filters. Add or exclude the Seniority level from the pool, choose relevant Years of experience or Years in current company.

You may conduct searches by the Current or Past companies and choose or exclude the Industry of the company candidates work in.

Available contacts, Diversity and Education

After that you may also search for candidates by Universities - now the search by their titles is available in the form. Feel free to use the Language filter and add the Available contacts or Social profiles to find candidates with specific contact details and the sources attached.

Folders, ATS, etc.

In cases of searching by a specific stack, tags, emails or by any other condition that doesn't fall into categories above, use the Additional criteria in the form below.

Here you can also search across certain Folders or exclude them from your further searches.

Please feel free to explore our short video overview on the search form functionality:

Don't hesitate to connect us at in case you have further questions.

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