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Reporting Dashboard
Reporting Dashboard

How to monitor and manage user activity of your team?

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With our convenient custom dashboard you can track team results in real time and analyse their performance metrics. Now you can visualize data on the team's sourcing activities, evaluate the effectiveness of current processes and analyse your recruitment strategy.

Our reporting allows you to:

  • evaluate performance of every recruiter;

  • assess search activities of your team and check its search strategies;

  • review your team's pipeline;

  • track open and reply rates for every mailing list and template;

  • create advanced customized reports using multiple filters and settings;

  • download all the data in a CSV format for further analysis.

! Please note that users with admin accounts are able to see the statistics for the entire company, while users with employee accounts by default can only examine their own activity. To enable all users to see the whole company’s statistics, the settings need to be maintained.

Watch our video tutorial to get the full overview of Statistics functionality:

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