We're happy to announce our brand new user activity reporting. We have developed a convenient custom dashboard to track team results in real time and analyse their performance metrics. Users with admin accounts are able to see the statistics for the entire company, while users with employee accounts can only examine their own activity.

To see the automatically generated report please point at the "Account" section in the left sidebar and choose "Statistics".

Here you can find three main sections, which contain information about certain types of user activity: Search activity, Pipeline management and Messaging.

To customise your report please use filters. You can set the data range, specify the user role (admin or employee), their status (active or deleted) or access to the search functionality (with or without search rights). Also, you're able to see the data about particular users.

If you want to create a tailor-made report, please click on the "Settings" button in the upper right corner. Here you could choose what properties (user data and system-related activities) should be included in each type of data representation: chart, table or CSV-file.


In this section, you can find information about the different types of search activities. It is the number of search queries made, candidates’ profiles viewed and added to a folder, our Chrome extension activated on candidates’ profiles, etc.

You can also check the search strategies your team creates and open viewed profiles by clicking on the relevant numbers.


In this section you will find the information about the candidates’ statuses in a recruiter’s pipeline. This means that you're able to see all the folders created by your team and the number of candidates that were assigned a particular status. You can not only use statuses set by default, but also create custom ones.

Here you can see how your team’s pipeline looks like: how many candidates from the total number of sourced ones have been contacted, interested or not interested in a job project.


This section contains information on single and bulk email sequences sent from the platform, open & reply rates for every mailing list and template as well as the performance of every recruiter in terms of the messages opened and responded.

Here you can see the statistics on sent emails divided into three categories: by users, by folders and by templates. To track the performance of the employees, please check the "Users" section. If you want to evaluate the effectiveness of email communication for each mailing list, go to the “Folder” tab. And finally, look through the "Templates" tab to select a pool of the most successful templates, e.g., by sorting them by the highest reply rate.

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