The system has three types of accounts: an employee, an administrator and a hiring manager. The admin account provides the users with management functionality.
There are two types of admins in AmazingHiring - with or without search rights. 

  • Administrator without search rights (access to the search engine) can only view the quantitative statistics of company employee. The administrator can't see the actual requests, profiles or comments or perform search. 
  • Administrators with search rights can both use the search engine and view the company statistics.

Overall, admin functionality enables you to do the following:

Check statistics

In order to check out basic information about your accounts such as licenсe period, a number of paid seats and available quota contacts, just click on the “Company” button.

You can see the list of your company administrators inside the Administrators tab. 

The same information about employees is available within the Employees tab.

Reassign accounts inside AH

You can easily transfer a licence to a new employee from the exciting account holder. Just switch off the search functionality for the employee who is no longer utilizing the license by clicking on the employee’s name and turning off the “Search” button. 

After that you can invite a new recruiter by typing their corporate email address in the text field within the “Invite employee” tab. 

This allows you to save all the data associated with this employee (folders, search queries and viewed profiles).

The alternative way to reassign the licence is to delete the account of the employee who is no longer utilizes the license by clicking on the “Delete” button and invite a new one by clicking on the relevant button. The automatic email with an invitation will be sent to a new user.

Hiring managers

You can check the “Hiring Manager” tab to learn more about the number of hiring managers, who have access to folders within your company account. 

By adjusting hiring managers’ default settings you can choose what information, such as contacts, candidates’ personal info, tags and comments inside folders will be visible for a hiring manager. You can make all the additional information inaccessible to hiring managers, so they will only be able to see the technical skills of a candidate and his employment history.

You can ensure that your employees are actively utilizing the paid accounts by checking out their user activity. You can see what search queries they made, what profiles within a system they viewed and how many times they opened candidates’ contacts and used Chrome Extension. You may also set a time range in order to make a quarter or annual review of platform usage.

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