First of all, make sure if you are logged in to 

If this didn't help, then try checking if you downloaded the extension from Chrome store. If positive, please check in your browser settings the field "more tools" and then "extensions". There would be a page with all the extensions you have installed previously and you will need to make sure if our extension is turned on. After all these actions done please try to login again.

Besides, you can try checking your browser cookies settings. In order to do this, please press three horizontal dots in the upper right corner of the page. Then go "Settings" -> "Advanced" -> "Site settings" -> "Cookies" -> "Allow sites to save and read cookie data". Cookie settings can be automatically changed according to your company safety policy or by the antiviruses. Ask the administrator to change settings.

Other extensions, especially adblockers, can interfere with the work of plugin. Try to switch them off when you use AmazingHiring extension. 

If that wasn't helpful, then, please, send us your email address at so that we can check your status.

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