AmazingHiring knows hundreds of thousands publicly available contacts of tech candidates all over the world aggregated from 50+ resources. But our sourcing experts can help you find even more!

In order to request additional contact information, just go to the candidate's profile, click on the "Contact search" button and select the types of contact details that you require: personal or work email and Skype ID. The results will be sent to you via the email and added to the candidate's profile within 24 hours.

One contact request costs 1 credit. If our sourcing experts were unable to find any additional contact information we will reimburse the credit to you. 

Credits are an internal currency that can be used to pay for extra services within AmazingHiring, e.g. contact search. We provide our users with free welcome credits that can be used to test the service. To activate your free credits or purchase additional ones, contact your manager or send a request at or Intercom.

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