To connect Greenhouse to AmazingHiring go the applications section in AmazingHiring search engine menu.

Click connect and enter email and password of your Greenhouse account. 

After you have done this, the Greenhouse section will appear in the full candidate profile. In this section you can add the profile to one of your Greenhouse jobs or add to your base without indicating any vacancy.

This function is also available in the AmazingHiring extension.

After you have added the profile in the search engine and/or extension it will be displayed in the candidates section in Greenhouse.

The profile in Greenhouse will include information from the AmazingHiring profile.

You can also export candidates from the folder from AmazingHiring to jobs inside Greenhouse:

  • Go to the folder
  • Select necessary number of candidates you want to export (you can tick the box "__ profiles" to export all candidates from the folder or tick individual candidates from the list) 
  • Press the button "Export" 
  • You will see a page with export settings where you will need to choose "GREENHOUSE" on the right side of "CSV"
  • You will see the information about the number of contact access credits you'll spend. If you haven't opened the contact details of some candidates that there are in the folder you're exporting, they will be opened automatically.
  • Choose a job position 
  • Press “Export to GreenHouse”
  • The system will export all profiles available for the export to GreenHouse
  • The dialogue box will disappear

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