Enrich your data with AmazingHiring

You can update your existing information about the candidates with our AmazingHiring database. Just upload CSV file with the list of candidates you want to enrich and get them found with profiles in a folder by one of the parameters: email, phone number, links to social and professional networks which are indexed by AmazingHiring.

After you uploaded your CSV file, choose the source of the search: emails, phone numbers, links to profile on social and professional networks. Then name your future folder where all found candidates will be automatically moved by the system. You will be sent an email with the results showing the number of emails or links matched with profiles found in our database within the existing pool of profiles.

Data Enrichment gives your old data a new life by turning it to candidates profiles. You might use it when:

  1. You want to enrich the data of your old candidates and revisit them in an effective way;

  2. You have lists of potential candidates from meet-ups and conferences.

Data Enrichment feature is one of our additional functions which can be provided after preliminary contacting your Sales Manager.

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