To narrow down the search output you can use filters. 

There are general filters:

And custom filters:

  • Age
  • Years of experience
  • Years in current company
  • Available contacts
  • Social profiles & CVs
  • Seniority level
  • Gender
  • Company
  • Education
  • City or country

You can use the instant search function for the filters "company" and "education". Just start typing the name of the organisation.

The "not specified" parameter enables you to see the profiles without values for the filter. It helps not to miss out the potentially relevant candidates. 

The number of profiles found by your query is shown next to the parameters on the right. 

If you place a cursor on the filter parameter, on the left you will see the tips on the logic of combining filter parameters (AND/OR). 

All the filters, except for the general ones and "years of experience", "years in current company", now allow excluding parameters.

You can turn all the filters off by clicking the "reset" button.  

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