To find tech specialists’ profiles in AmazingHiring you can make a search query or use the Talent Pools functionality. 

Read about the Talent Pools functionality here.

Creating a search query you can add different search conditions:

You can also exclude the conditions. For example, if hiring specialists from some company is not allowed, you should exclude this company in the search query.

The search query can be created both by adding different conditions and by including all the variables in the search field using boolean operators. 

Search form supports advanced boolean syntax and provides with more editing capabilities. Here are some logical operators that can be used to compose a query:

AND -  to find profiles that contain all the required variables
OR - to find profiles that contain at least one of the variables
NOT - to exclude not required variables from the search
( ) -  to group parts of queries and prioritize between clauses (as in mathematical equations)
""  - to search for exact phrases. Necessary to use with all the words combinations containing space, e.g. «machine learning»

Once you have entered a new variable, AmazingHiring will automatically suggest using one of the five logical operators.

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