In the first step, we advise you to search for PHP developers by their current position. In our example, the "current title" contains two conditions: php and developer. Add the desired location in each search query to see the most relevant profiles. 

If the first step was not sufficient, then you could try searching for candidates by their skills. In the second step, you should exclude php from the "current title" and enter it as "skills" condition. As a result, you will see a wide search output, that would likely be hard to process. In order to narrow it down, you can use additional search conditions - here is a guide on how to do that. 

In the third step, you could exclude php from the "skills" condition and enter some specific technologies and frameworks required by the job description as a skill. Our query contains some suggested frameworks and key requirements for PHP developers.

If you are looking for a tech specialist with a certain level of seniority, for example, senior, middle or junior, then you can use the "Level" filter.

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