To connect SmartRecruiters to your AmazingHiring account click "Connect SmartRecruiters" on the full candidate profile page in AmazingHiring and then click "Allow Access" in the popup window. 

After you have done this, the SmartRecruiters section will be activated and you will be able to export profiles from AmazingHiring to SmartRecruiters. To do this you need to choose the SmartRecruiters job in the dropdown list and click "Add candidate for a job".

The profile you have added will be displayed in the chosen job in people section of SmartRecuiters software. 

The profile in SmartRecruiters will include information from the AmazingHiring profile: contact details, experience and education, technical skills (displayed in the "Tags" section"), links to social and professional accounts, current position and location. 

Note that you can only export profiles with emails. If there is no email in the profile you can add some in the "Edit contacts" section or request a contact search and our team will find the email for you. 

You can also export folders from AmazingHiring to jobs inside SmartRecruiters. Just choose "Export to SmartRecruiters" on the folder page and all the candidates inside the folder will be exported to the job you choose in SmartRecruiters. 

If you haven't opened the contact details of some candidates that there are in the folder you're exporting, they will be opened automaticaly. You'll see the notification from AmazingHiring with the number of contact access credits you'll spend.

The profiles without contact details will not be imported together with other profiles. You also need to add the email. 

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