To connect Mixmax to AmazingHiring you should create API token. Just click the button in the integrations sections of Mixmax settings.

Copy the generated token.

Go to the apps section in AmazingHiring search engine menu.

Click “connect” in the Mixmax card and paste the token in the popup.

Done! Your account is integrated with Mixmax.

Download candidates’ contacts in the folder and send a sequence in Mixmax. You should use a number of the folder in the name of the sequence.

The folder's number is displayed in the browser address bar. 

Indicate the number in the name of the sequence like that: ah3456.

“Mailing list” tab will appear in the folder. There you can see the statuses of candidates who received the sequence: unopened opened replied.

The information about sent sequences and candidate’s reaction will be also displayed in the full candidate profile.

You can also add  the number of folder (ah3456) to the names of the sequences you previously sent, and the information on them will be displayed in the system.

The changes are not displayed immediately as we update information every hour.

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