We are happy to finally announce Messaging is now available for AmazingHiring's users. We still have much to do - with next iterations we are launching bulk mailing and sequences.

For now you can easily send an email to a candidate directly from their profile. The option is only available after integration with Gmail and can be easily found in the left sidebar menu. 

You can create templates for different vacancies and include necessary variables to save time. You can also see and use your colleagues’ templates. In order to create a new template, just go to the templates page and click on the relevant button in the upper right corner. 

You will need to name your template and fill in the subject line. When creating the body of your email, don't forget to format your text and use the variables if needed. Make sure to save your new template. 

In order to message candidates, open a candidate’s full profile and click on the button “Compose message”. You can choose a particular email address if there is more than one email. Choose a template or create your message from scratch. After finishing the email, you can preview it or send yourself a test message to check how the email will look like. 

You can find all your sent messages when pointing at “Messaging” option in the left sidebar menu and choosing “Sent”. Here you can see the latest activity: if the candidate has opened or viewed your message, as well as replied to it. 

By the way, do not forget to personalise your email with the information from AmazingHiring! Here you can find our blogpost on how to do that best.

Coming soon:

  • bulk mailing allows you to send emails to a large number of candidates; 
  • email sequence is a series of emails automatically sent to specific candidates on your email list. It can be trigger-based or time-based. 

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